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'Cause the sky is breaking
It's deeper than love
Ok so first up and no one look at me weird I've been busy all day no joke is a birthday wish!


Then second up I have some Iron Man ramble so do not look within if you plan to watch the movie and do not want to be spoiled for it m'kay?

I AM IRON MAN!Collapse )

Oh and can I just say that May is going to be the month I oh so affectionately call 'The my ass is going to be glued in a theater chair month!'
Because seriously over half of the previews I saw just tonight are movies I plan to go out and see. Oh money how thou will be wasted but oh so well spent on my movie addiction.

In other news tomorrow I have a Pet psa I'll be getting to but that is tomorrow and not tonight. Tonight is for TV watching with hubby and a craving for BBQ chips or maybe cheddar and sour cream chips!
Damn you indecision damn you! *shakes fist*

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god why am i even cutting this...i do not even knowCollapse )

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The Supernatural OMG-OUR-SHOW-IS-BACK-AND-I-WANT-TO-FRIEND-THE-WORLD Friending Meme being hosted by affectingly

Go and find yourselves some new SPN fanpeeps or maybe even friend someone you've been meaning to for awhile. *shoos you all with love*

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So a few days ago I was wandering about aimlessly and I found a post with agt_spooky talking about this and ever since I've been hoping that it would get uploaded and well darlings she finally got around to it.

So if you want to see Jared in a wife beater looking hot beyond compare while still managing to be the Jared we all know, love and boggle-awe because how he can ever believe he is anything other than completely gorgeous is like light years beyond my understanding but whatever if you want to see that then you need to go HERE!

Watch, love, download and THANK HER! Also bask in Jared's complete hotness!

oh universe how you smile upon me i thank you :D

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I hate this day and I want a do-over you don't even know I'm just saying if there was ever a day I wish I could re-do for simply just being too 'ehh', 'feh' and 'phooey' it would be today
BUT!1!1!...these pictures are going a hell of a long way towards improving my mood towards the happy and less towards the fiery tar pits of suckery.

I can't get you out of my head your lovin' is all I think aboutCollapse )

pictures nabbed from Supernatural Media

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Dear Fandom,

We have 11 more days until more boys.
Concentrate on that maybe yes?
DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY NOW! *sings those Ooo's*

Yours in fandom hippiness and cult of niceness,
Pet ♥

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Although technically I don’t need to blame her I just want to drag her into this with me really so I’m not so alone. Hahahahaha you love me Felis! *beams*

So, yes, uhm does anyone anywhere know where to find any of the following?

  • A site, community or person anywhere that has good or even better high quality screen caps of Jensen as Alec in Dark Angel?
    I mean I see picspams a plenty and they are all very much appreciated but I want Alec HUGE *cough* and prettiful to stare at all day long.
  • Any fics, anywhere of Alec/Any Character Jared has ever played ever?
    Yes I am completely and utterly serious about this. You all have needs and this is one of my needs and if you don’t know ask your friends because surely I cannot be the only one who wants to read this stuff.
    Also strippedpink’s Cute!Dean/Alec fic has already been jumped all over and ravaged by me although I should totally find that thing and read it again. *paws* I WANT FLIST…WANT!

This post brought to you by the letters A and R...which loosely translates to ALEC RUINS!! ('me' should go in here somewhere but nah two letters will be just fine)

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Title: You are a runner (and I am my father’s son)
Author: Pet [crazyjoyfulgirl]
Rating: NC-17
Category: Dean POV, Sam/Dean, 1706 words
Spoilers/Warnings: PWP Pre-Series ficcage ahead.
Summary: Dean watches and he waits for the things he wants, for the things he needs.
Disclaimer: I own this sticker, a bottle of nail polish and the bucket full of my issues and everything else belongs to Kripke and Co.
Notes: This fic was written for rejeneration who was feeling under the weather and asked for the following: Anyone with fic where Sammy is in high school, in track? Sammy with those crazy long legs and years and years of training? Why isn't this fanon? Someone? Dean sitting on the bleachers, watching those legs eat up the pavement, long, lean strides, sweat soaking his shirt? Pulling him underneath in the shade? See where I'm going with this? Do you see?? So of course I had no choice but to happily comply with this request. Title snatched from the Wolf Parade song of the same name.

You are a runner (and I am my father’s sonCollapse )

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So it is officially my Weazie’s (killerweasel) birthday! I’m not going to get too squishy or fluffy here because I’m pretty sure she’ll slap me silly but I will say this.
Weazie is single handily one of the most awesome, fun, informative, spunky, smart and wonderful BFF’s a girl can ask for.

I have spent many a day just laughing until I was blue in the face and begging for mercy and I’ve also spent many a day making grossed out faces at her but that is yet another thing entirely.
What can I say other than what I’ve always said since I’ve met her, my life would be a cold, lonely and not nearly as funny or awesome place without her in it.

So Happy Birthday Weazie you gigantic freaky, weird pain in my ass how I adore and love you so my Lindsey/Christian Kane loving pookie schmookie lover muffin BFF extraordinaire!!
(What? You so knew there had to be a squishy sentiment shoved in here somewhere!) ♥♥♥♥

P.S. Boom boom shake a shake a boom boom squish!! *giggles and facepalms* One day you are paying for my therapy oh yeah one day you shall.

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